Original Date of Publication

  • Here you go! Thanks!

    "id": "http://zotero.org/users/local/ROE4Tnhb/items/52WQLUQG",
    "type": "article-journal",
    "container-title": "AUT AUT",
    "issue": "328",
    "note": "original-date: 1921",
    "page": "51–52",
    "source": "Google Scholar",
    "title": "Theological-political fragment",
    "author": [
    "family": "Benjamin",
    "given": "Walter"
    "issued": {
    "date-parts": [
  • So, will there be a separate Original Date field in Zotero 5.1?

    That seems to be what's indicated on the whiteboard https://github.com/zotero/zotero-bits/wiki/Zotero-types-whiteboard but I am running the latest 5.0.97-beta.52 and still have to use the workaround... Is the feature not in the beta?

    Also, it sure would be nice to have the option of pulling the "Year" pseudo-field in the center pane from Original Date (vs. publication date of whatever edition....)
  • Yes and none of the field updates are in the beta yet.
  • thanks for the update @adamsmith, much appreciated!

    what about my question about Year?
  • Not sure what Zotero is going to do, but my guess is they'll not at "original year" as a column; the need for this is quite niche. Presumably, most people who have original dates of publication have those as years (rather than full dates) anyway.
  • hmm... where does the data displayed in the "Year" column come from? Is it actually a separate field? It seems to be populated from the Date field...
  • Right, it comes from date, but it'd be incredibly confusing if it pulled from two different fields (once original date exists as its own field), so I assumed you were asking for a separate column. I'm pretty sure it's not going into the same column.
  • gotcha, yeah, makes sense. Well, if we get Original Date as a real field, then it's easy enough to have the option of displaying that as a column, so that would solve it.
  • Ah yes, definitely not happening beforehand. The data from Extra are currently only converted into "structured" data in the process of creating citations, so Zotero-generated citations reflect the original date, but Zotero as a database isn't yet aware of it (though Extra content will be converted automatically once the proper fields exist)
  • I'm using European Archaeology - Harvard. Is it possible to edit that style please to add the original date hack? I'm not sure where to add the new line of code. Thank you!
  • Do we have a proper style guide for that? How should original date look in text and in the bibliography and where is that documented?
  • No, it seems that there is no guide for the correct formatting of the list of references.
  • I don't know if there are proper style guides or where to find them (on the zotero site?) but will try to locate them. I might just go back to that list (posted years back) and find another style that has the original date feature.
  • I'm working with APA and tried to add the original date of publication with the extra field (original date: year).
    My problem: I'm writing my thesis in German and therefore need the German translation of orginial date of publication. Anyone knows how to do this? I couldn't figure it out yet...
  • What's the phrasing used for "Original work published" in German? If you can wait a few weeks, I will be able to update this in the official APA style in Zotero.
  • "Original erschienen" from what I saw with a quick google. Can you confirm, ddrichs?
  • edited March 7, 2022
    »Ursprünglich erschienen« (or »Zuerst erschienen«) was the formulation when I wrote my thesis (ebenfalls auf Deutsch).
  • I am trying to add
    original-date: 1988
    into the extra field, but it just exports as a note:
    note = {original-date: 1988}

    I'm using APA 7, BibLaTeX
    Zotero on macOS Monterey

    Does anyone know why? As far as I know it should export this data into a bibtex field, but it does not work.
  • I think this works with the better BibTeX add-on. We never said those fields export, just that they work in citations
  • Install BetterBibTeX and use it’s Better CSL JSON format. That will extract fields from Extra
  • sorry for my late respond: here an example for the german equivalent to orginial-date in APA: (Originalquelle veröffentlicht in 1988).
    I did already figure out how to change the coding from original-date into the german equivalent, but could not find out how to add the period at the end. would be greatly appreciated if you could help with this issue bwiernik
  • APA style does not place a period after the parentheses there.

    You should enter this in your data in Extra as:
    Original date: 1988

    A forthcoming update to the APA CSL style will update the localization of the text here.
  • Hi! Thought better to post here than to open a new thread.

    I keep trying the 'original-date: 1859' in the Extra field, but it doesn't change anything in my footnotes or bibliography - it just keeps the reprint date.

    I'm using Chicago 17th edition, full note.

  • @harrydedhar how exactly are you testing? What happens when you use right-click, create bibliography and paste it here for that item?
  • @adamsmith thanks for replying! I've been testing it both by copy/pasting the bibliography, and also entering citations in word using the Zotero plugin. Neither shows the original date. Here's what I get by pasting the bibliography for the item:

    Mill, John Stuart. ‘A Few Words on Non-Intervention’. New England Review 27, no. 3 (2006): 252–64.

    In the 'extra' pane, I have 'original-date: 1859', but as you can see it doesn't seem to do anything
  • The style only prints the original date for book-type materials -- I'd have to look at the Manual, do they say anything about journal articles & reprints?
  • Ohhhh okay! I figured it was a mistake I was making; thanks for clearing that up for me :)
  • I am having the same problem Harry described directly above - but with books as well as with journal articles. I am using APA 7th. Is this solution broken now? Any suggestions?
  • What exactly are you seeing and what exactly do you have in Extra? The above solution works.
  • I have tried both original-date: 1988 and without the dash and neither seems to have any effect when I refresh the Word document.
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