Original Date of Publication

  • Could you try in a new document? And make sure you look at the bibliography (IIRC, original date isn't part of the citation for APA)
  • (It is part of the citation in APA style, so I’m guessing the item in the Word document is a duplicate or disconnected from the library.)
  • @sara.koopman: See "Deleted Items" and "Duplicate Items" on this page — different issue, but same idea.
  • I am sorry to resurrect this post again; it seems to be an ongoing issue.

    I am using Zotero 6.0.26 on Mac Ventura 13.5.1. I have to use Cite Them Rite Harvard for my university. And the workarounds mentioned here only work in APA.

    I love Zotero. It's fantastic, but this glitch drives me crazy. How can I get around this without having to edit my refs manually?

    I need them to look like this (Rousseau, 2019 [1762]).

    Is there a reason that the Extra field does not work in ref styles, and is there a reason there is not way of adding a second date, like we can add extra editors/authors?
  • I that format described in the Cite Them Rite manual or on their website? Whether and how original date is included is individual per citation style.
  • i am not sure, but my uni requires it. Maybe we need a drop-down box here to add in original date if need be
  • It's not that easy -- there's no single format in which original date gets represented, so it needs to be coded into citation styles specifically (just as all other information is). Is your university's guidance on this online?
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