Major translation failure after upgrade to FF3.0

I've got an error (report no 1510951894) with translation from Google Scholar, Blackwell-Synergy and others.

Translation worked OK via Ingentia, though weirdly the red status pop-up box was blank.

This is only since I upgraded to Firefox 3.0 today (using Zotero 1.0.6).
Disabling all other plug-ins did not help.
Resetting translator/styles did not help.
Default data location used.

Any ideas?
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    Debug output for a translation attempt may be helpful. You can send it to

    You might also try copying your Zotero data directory into a new Firefox profile and installing Zotero there to see if that fixes the problem. Corrupted (non-Zotero) files in the profile directory can cause problems moving between Firefox 2 and 3. If the new profile works, you should be able to clean out some files in your old profile and get it to work again or move data over from the old profile piece by piece, making sure you can't reproduce the error.
  • Thanks for the debug output. It looks like a cookie problem. We've seen this before with Firefox 3 clients, particularly in cases where a profile was used in Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 one or more times rather than upgrading directly to Firefox 3. (I don't know if this was the case with you.)

    You might try removing the cookies.txt file from your Firefox profile, and, failing that, clearing your cookies (in which case you'd have to reenter all your passwords). I'd recommend making a backup of your entire Firefox profile before trying anything.
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    Hi Dan - thanks heaps for the suggestions and incredibly prompt response!

    I fixed the Google Scholar error by searching direct and not using "Web Search Pro" add-on. (this worked OK with FF2, but not now).

    Trying your cookie suggestion and the new profile creation now.
    Any ideas how to identify which files are corrupted in the old profile (i.e. not trial and error?!)

    Thanks very much for your help!
  • Cookie removal (either deleting cookies.sqlite and total removal through options) did not help.

    I've sent the new Debug output.
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    I'm afraid you'll have to go the trial and error route, then. Still showing a cookie problem. It's a Firefox bug of some sort.
  • I'm a newcomer to zotero. I discovered it just two days ago and think it's fantastic tool, but I am also having issues with google scholar and JSTOR (it works fine with just about everything else). Adding the endnote export in my google scholar preferences means that if I click on the endnote export it will export directly into zotero, which is fine and effectively does what I need, so I can actully use it.

    But it seems mildly frustrating that the icon in the url window won't work as intended with GS. I'm using it from home, so there are definitely no issues with proxy stuff via the university. But I wonder if the servers on work the same way as .com?
  • Can you provide a URL that doesn't work, as I just tried

    and there didn't seem to be any problem
  • Ah - I've just done a comparison. It works fine on my PC at the university, but not on my mac at home. Weird. They both have the latest Firefox, set up in the same way. So it's probably something to do with my setup.

    Sorry to cause a false alarm!
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    For the people who are having the Google Scholar problem, does it change anything if you set the "Bibliography Manager" option in the Google Scholar preferences?

    To do this,
    • Visit a Google Scholar preferences page such as this:

    • Scroll down to the "Bibliography Manager" section, select "Show links to import citations into" and then in the dropdown choose EndNote.

    • Then save the preferences by clicking the button.
    That seems to fix the problem for me. You'll see that the Google Scholar Preferences page requires cookies, so that might have to do with the cookie errors that Dan Stillman identified.
  • I had a similar problem - JSTOR broken after upgrading to Firefox 3. The little red box appeared as if saving the citation, but faded away with no citation saved, no error.

    -> The solution was to enable "Accept third-party cookies" in FF preferences / privacy.

    It was obvious once I turned on debug logging (but it took me forever to figure out how to do that >< ). I didn't save the log but can recreate it if anyone is interested. Seemed to involve some sort of handshaking between zotero and my library proxy.
  • Thanks to alexuw's discovery, this should now be fixed in the latest 1.0 dev build.

    We're still investigating, but for some reason Firefox 3 isn't sending cookies via Zotero's XMLHTTPRequest functions when "Accept third-party cookies"—which is newly exposed in the UI in Firefox 3—is disabled. Firefox 2 worked regardless of the setting.

    We've put in a workaround that should fix the problem until we determine the exact cause. Zotero 1.0.7 should be out later today with the fix.
  • I am having a problem with Firefox 3 as well. I try to export from the browser to Zotero a citation from EBSCO and it says known translator error. I am using a new computer (MAC) that never had Firefox 2. Comments on another thread implied that there is a problem on the new Firefox that was under review - comments on the top of this thread suggest that there may be something with my own configuration. It would be great to bottom this out. My work around is to export to Refworks from EBSCO and then from Refworks as Bibliographic txt file to the desktop from where Zotero imports it perfectly.
  • Stan: A workaround for the problem in this thread was introduced in 1.0.9. (1.0.7 had only a partial fix.) Make sure you're using 1.0.9, and, if you're still having a problem with a translator, start a new thread and include a URL that's not working as expected.

    Closing this thread.
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