Change "No items selected" to "n items in this view" (item count, number of items, statistics)

Valuable UI real estate in the right pane is currently wasted when no items are selected — it shows the uninformative message "No items selected". A much-requested piece of information that would be rather more relevant here is the number of items in the current view. Currently the only way to get that is to get into the middle pane and do a "select all" operation.

Proposal: Show item count in the right pane when no items are selected. The basic implementation could just have "n items in this view". A more sophisticated implementation would be context aware, with different wordings: n items with this tag, n items in this collection, n items in this library, n items found (for search results), etc.

Many people haved asked for items counts to be more easily available. I believe I have found a piece of UI clutter here (the "No items selected" phrase) that can be turned into a supremely useful piece of information and so make many users happy.
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