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    Selective bibliography output is supported in the new CSL processor. Zotero development at the moment is focused on completing the existing features of 2.0; the processor will figure in Zotero 2.1, which will begin emerging sometime next year.

    There hasn't yet been discussion of whether to include support for this specific functionality in 2.1, which is only a glint in the eye at this point. It seems likely to me that it will be, but I should emphasize that I don't speak for the developers -- sectioned or selective bibliography support would have implications for the plugins that I don't have to worry about, and it's easy for me to talk. If support does go forward, though, it might work by allowing the insertion of multiple bibliography blocks into the document, with the content of each block determined by parameters selected by the user via an "insert bibliography" and "edit bibliography" screen.

    If you're interested in the current (provisional) interface to the processor's makeBibliography() command, it is documented in the processor manual. There is also a set of tests that exercise and illustrate the selection functionality for the parameters Exclude, Include, Select and Quash.
  • As a work-around with the current Zotero 2 beta, we have the possibility to use the "insert bibliography" in the word processor for references (list of works cited), and can use "create bibliography from selected items" from within Zotero for a select bibliography (right-click in Zotero, then paste manually in the word processor).

    Manual insertion gives us maximum control (divide by quality, by publisher, by whatever criteria you want), but unfortunately it breaks the automation we all like about Zotero. It would work relatively well for a "further reading" section at the end of chapters, for example. (Using Zotero's collections and sub-collections to keep track of changes.)
  • I'm at the beginning of writing a historical book. I really like to make bibliography sections like "Unprinted Sources", "Printed Sources", "Literature", etc. Can a insider/coder make a statement if the here discussed feature is to be implemented in the next Zotero version and some time/roadmap indication?
    P.S.: Is there a method to split the cited bibliography in the document and the uncited bibliography? (a.f.a.i.k. there is only the method to automatically generate the cited bibliography with the plugin and export manually selected bibliography lists)
  • What is the status here? There was some talk of this being implemented in 2.1 - will taht happen?
  • I like to push this, since my wish/need still persists to automatically split different type of sources in separate bibliographies. I have not found some new feature in Zotero/Word-add-in and like to ask if I have overseen something, that allows to do my task. Thank you.
  • The only new feature pointing in this direction is the ability to sort items by type now. That would be able to partly address these issue - i.e. as far as separate bibliographies conform to item types - and you'd still have to do the actual splitting up & sub-headers yourself (at the end of the editing).
    Also, this would have to be implemented in a style, so someone would have to do this.
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    I would like to support this topic and the initiative to solve the problem about multiple bibliographies within a document. I find it connected to the discussions about "primary/classical sources" and "interpretative/secondary sources":

    It is a standard that this two types of sources have separate bibliographies. On the second topic I had a Discussion with bdracus about the possibility to create a new style for primary/classical sources.

    This means that there are two solutions:

    1. To create a new style for primary/classical sources (in this way the both problems would be solved - the citation problem from the previous topics and the problem with the separate bibliography).

    2. To find another way to add separate bibliographies for the same style within one document.

    I personally vote for the first solution. What do the other think?
  • @michopop yes, this is related.

    I think at this point it's probably time to entirely rethink how citation insertion and editing work in Zotero, and that this use case be part of that rethink. Issues with the current approach:

    - no support for reference groups/sections (this case)
    - awkward distinction between single and multiple cites
    - tedious and time-consuming to have to switch contexts (open a dialog) to add or edit citations

    On the first item (the subject of this thread), I strongly support option 2, as it's much more flexible. I base this in part on looking at the one bit of existing practice that supports this feature, and that is the (bib)tex world. See, for example, biblatex [PDF, in particular section 3.5.6].

    Translating this to Zotero might suggest simply allowing for variables to be attached to bibliographies. Maybe those variables could define the groups based on an items place in a collection, or by tag (including an optional one attached to the citation itself).

    In any case, there's precedent for solving the problem.
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    bdarcus is right - any solution should be 2) - some other scenarios where separate bibliographies are used:
    - sources in English vs. foreign language sources (esp. where the latter are in non-roman letters)
    - laws/cases vs. secondary literature
    and I'm sure there are more

    That said, thinking about the nearer term, any solution to the classical item type issue that michopop raised in the other thread would allow at least a provisional sorting of the bibliography by type - which then could be split up and labeled manually at the end.
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    I liked the first solution because it "solves" two problems in the same time. But, as you told, it is a kind of an improvisation, and the radical solution 2 is in any case better (in the long term).

    The way I "improvised" on this issue was: I simply generated a regular Zotero bibliography only for the intepretative/secondary literature. For the sources I created a bibliography for my sources collection in Zotero and copied it to my document. It cannot be updated, but this is the last verson of the text and for now is ok (btw. it's been printed today :))). If I want to update it further I will simply delete this one and repeat the procedure...

    It would be great if in Future this two issues (because of which I had to add the citations of the primary/classical sources and to generate the bibliography for these sources manualy) are solved...
  • І gо fоr 2. find а way to add separate bibliographies for the same style within one document.

    One more scenario where separate bibliographies are used (common in my historical focused literature):
    1) Non printed sources 2) Printed sources 3) Internet sources 4) secondary literature
  • So? is there a way now to separate the bibliography into primary sources and secondary ones?
  • nothing has changed since the last posts of this thread - unlikely to change anytime soon.
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    chrus: І gо fоr 2. find а way to add separate bibliographies for the same
    style within one document.
    One more scenario where separate bibliographies are used (common in
    my historical focused literature):
    1) Non printed sources 2) Printed sources 3) Internet sources
    4) secondary literature

    I search for pretty the same result: at the end of my work in a word-document I like to have more bibliographies. E.g.:
    1) not public 2) publicly available/accessible 3) published

    For CSL-Coders the language field could be a possibility to sort, but a distinctive function/field in Zotero/CSL would be much better. Also I dont like to misuse the extra-note field.
    Please think about a solution in future Zotero/CSL-versions.
  • A mechanism for passing tags through to the CSL processor, with an interface to include or exclude items based on their tags would solve this without touching item field content.
  • The technical discussion is way over my head, but I wanted to add my input that I need multiple bibliographies as well. In theological papers I sometimes have to sort my references by type with subheadings above each grouping. I keep those collections in their own sub-folder within the group. I would like to add one group to each section of the bibliography. Otherwise I cannot keep the bibliography linked to my paper and have to do quite a bit of manual editing. The worst of it is that none of my references are updated as changes are made in Zotero.
  • No post since 2011.. I assume this feature hasn't been added. Bummer.
    I see this feature being very useful for academics (thesis) and technical books.

    BTW, have the good folks at Zotero considered using stack exchange for help topics? Instead of reading through a flurry of posts, some relevant, many not, one could find the most useful answer very quickly.
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    Agreed that this is a needed feature. Thinking about documents with separate Works Cited and Bibliography sections.

    Also agreed that a Zotero stackexchange would be amazing.
  • omg this is still not available
  • Bumping the thread, +1 to Zotero Stackexchange idea. If not the entire subnetwork, at least it would be nice to know where the questions should be put. As of now, I've seen them on Superuser, TexSE and Stackoverflow.
  • Any updates on this point in 2020?
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