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Office Mac 2011 is set to be released next month. Does anyone know if the current Mac Word plugin will work with Mac Word 2011?
  • It worked with the Word 2011 betas without any modification, so it is highly likely it will work with the final version of Word 2011.
  • Yep, it works with the GM - Zotero shoes up as a Mac script menu. The real question is, how do I add icons to the ribbon?
  • Hi, After installing the new Word 2011, zotero give this legend when I tried to add a reference

    "Zotero experienced an error updating your document"

    Im using zotero 2.1 and its respective plug in.

    Thanks in advance
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    davidram, can you generate a report ID after re-triggering the error?
  • It is no possible. The error is in MS Word, but I made a print of the screen. Here is what is says

    Thanks in advance.
  • Did you try it? While the error is reported in Word, it's occurring in Zotero. Once you have triggered it, you should be able to generate a report ID.
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    Yes you are right I have already send it to Zotero Group. The number is 256993417
    Thank you
  • Does this happen in a new document?
  • Hi Simon, This happen in a New document and in a Document, I ve been working with with some footnotes and text.
  • I'm not able to reproduce this. In a new document, can you go to File->Properties, click the Custom tab, put


    into the Name field and

    <data data-version="3" zotero-version="2.1b1">\<session id="7THHyiiO"/><style id="" hasBibliography="1" bibliographyStyleHasBeenSet="0"/><prefs><pref name="fieldType" value="Field"/><pref name="noteType" value="0"/></prefs>

    into the Value field, and click the Add button? If this works, can you generate a report ID with the new document and post it here?
  • I did it like you said. Here you are report 585515119

  • Hi,
    I have a question about this topic 'Office Mac 2011'.
    I have OS X 10.6.4 and Zotero 2.0.8. I have just installed Office for Mac 2011.
    In the 'Plugins' page I saw that there are two steps: 1. Install PythonExt, 2. Install the Word for Mac Plugin.

    The question: do I have to install both of them in sequence or just the second one is enough?

    Thank you
  • Hi I don't recommend you using office 2011 yet. It does not work. I have to reinstall 2008. Regards
  • Hi, thank you.
    I just bought office 2011, I don't have previous versions.
    Anybody knows when it will be possible to use 2011 with zotero? I mean, in few days/weeks or next year?

  • it doesn't work for David. It does work for other people (see above). So I'd try for yourself.
    The answer to your question is - follow the instructions. Install both.
  • Hey, I've installed it right now and it works.
    It's just a pity that it is not possible to have the zotero buttons on the ribbon. I have to open the top-down window and this is not faster as the buttons.
    I hope this problem will be fixed soon.
  • You should be able to set keyboard shortcuts for Zotero.
  • Re: "Zotero experienced an error updating your document"

    I just received that error after leaving the .docx for a few minutes and coming back to it. I clicked ctrl-opt-A to insert a new citation.

    Report ID: 326050794
  • uhm - wrong thread?
  • Sorry, that was @davidram's error. I meant to imply that errors are somewhat common at this point. And I have no idea what to do with all the report ids, really...
  • ah OK - I see it above now. Are you on Word 2011, too, though?

    Report IDs are particularly helpful when you can clearly reproduce a problem - random errors shouldn't occur, obviously, but reporting them is much less helpful when you can't say exactly what caused them (i.e. reproduce them).
  • My bad. I wasn't clear. I'm brand new to Zotero, as I'm forced to find an alternative to Endnote which won't work with 2011 for a long time. I'm investigating alternatives quite seriously. I'm going to start using Office 2011 for my dissertation writing (I need the updated equations, full screen view, etc) but bibliography management is a big deal.

    Too bad it seems either I have to migrate to Firefox from Chrome and to Zotero from Papers/Endnote or forget about Word 2011 and documents with complicated formatting :)

    I have to say, I didn't expect the forums to be so active, and this responsiveness is a MAJOR encouragement for me to give Zotero a chance long-term.
  • Too bad it seems either I have to migrate to Firefox from Chrome and to Zotero from Papers/Endnote or forget about Word 2011 and documents with complicated formatting :)
    The code for standalone and connectors has been written and test versions are available, so this isn't even vaporware. It's ready for testing now, and it will probably see a beta release soon (in Zotero terms, meaning probably under two months). But I don't speak for the Zotero team, just for myself as a person who follows these things rather closely.
  • Thanks for the link. I have stumbled upon that article several times, and can't wait for it!

    Standalone test versions are available? I understand its pre-beta status, but is there a way to take a look? If not right now, then within the next month at least?
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    Standalone test versions are available? I understand its pre-beta status, but is there a way to take a look?
    It's still in the "if you have to ask, then no" stage. We don't yet have an ETA for beta builds, but some sort of downloadable test version probably isn't too far off.
  • That's very nice! I'm looking forward to the alphas, then betas. My first thought and hope:

    Would the standalone version enable you to streamline the citation process, like having a selected active citation in Zotero, then one click or shortcut in Word to insert the citation at cursor position, and it's there without having to look for it again through a separate window?
  • That's not in any way specific to Zotero Standalone. But this thread is about Office 2011 anyway. If you want to discuss Standalone, start a new thread.
  • I'm eager to read more firsthand reports! compared to its predecessor office 2011 for mac is supposed to be a real step forward in terms of speed, usability and compatibility with windows. however a non-functioning zotero plugin would be a major letdown since i'm planing to write my master-thesis with word2011+zotero. :-)
  • Hi there,
    I just installed Office 2011 and unfortunately Zotero is not working anymore (it also stopped working in Office 2008).

    Whenever I try to (re)install Zotero, I get this: Zotero Word integration could not complete installation because an error occured

    For some reason the Word Script option still appears in Word 2011 but the only option I can select is "add bibliography". All the other options are gone though. Does anyone have the same problem or an idea on how to solve that?


    P.S. It is a German Office version
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