PDF reader dark mode should have an option to keep the images as is, not making it negative

edited February 28, 2024
As the title says, when using dark mode in zotero pdf reader there should be 3 options:

- Full dark mode (current).

- Dark mode on background and pages but not on images (images should be kept as in the original article, not doing the negative, it should help to create a white border (5-10px) around the original image to avoid problems if the image has a black background. I understand that this involves messing up with the pdf renderer, and it might not be possible, then the second option is to create an option in the context menu "Show original image", which opens a window to view the original image

- Only the background in dark mode, the file in the original color.

The main motivation behind this is in many microscopy, histology and immunofluorescency images coloring matters.
  • @martynas_b would have to comment on what's possible here. For now, I assume you're aware, but you can temporarily turn off dark mode for just the content pane with View → Use Dark Mode for Content.
  • Yes, we currently apply color filters to the entire page. Implementing them on specific content within the page, such as images, would be highly complex. I'm curious if there's a PDF viewer that supports functionality like this.
  • @martynas_b Adobe Acrobat has an option "Replace Document Colors" in Preferences - Accessibility. This option can set only the background and the text color, without changing images in the document.
    There is a better dark mode scheme in Midnight Lizard (an extension of Chrome/Edge), which can set the brightness of images in the dark mode to just make them dimmer.
  • edited March 1, 2024
    The PDF readers of Obsidian and Remnote have dark mode that don't invert images https://mastodon.social/@nhan/110612516483606286. Unfortunately, neither of them is open-source. Interestingly, they implemented this feature in less than 1.5 months apart from each other, which led me to think that an open-source project has implemented this first and they incorporated that feature into their own software, but apparently it's not the case?
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