Any way to prevent unloading tabs automatically?


I frequently have 10+ tabs open on my macbook that has 32GB RAM. I would prefer Zotero not to unload the tabs automatically. Any way to turn this off?

  • Since no one bothered to reply, here’s my solution for anyone interested.

    Follow the procedure to download Zotero’s source code here:

    Then, in chrome/content/zotero/tabs.js, increase the values for MAX_LOADED_TABS and UNLOAD_UNUSED_AFTER as desired.

    Rebuild. Zotero won’t unload automatically tabs anymore.
  • ("bothered to reply" in the four hours after you posted?)

    We'll make this configurable.
  • Yeah, it happens quite often that I do not receive any reply here about my questions or suggestions, despite these being what I consider reasonable. I’ve mostly given up on using this forum for this reason. Some of my comments even lead to changes in Zotero’s code and no one even replies to the initial post! Thus my comment about "bothering to reply".
  • What are you talking about? I've personally responded to you…many times? Like, in literally dozens of threads? I'm going to chalk this up to your having a bad day, because this is utterly mystifying coming from someone who has had so many direct interactions with us over the years.

    You do realize the volume of posts we get here, and the number of responses from Zotero developers each day? Almost no software provides anything remotely like the level of direct interaction, support, and conscientious follow-up we provide here, and it's genuinely bizarre for you to say you've "mostly given up on using this forum" when you've gotten help from us so many times, including recently. Just because we haven't responded to every single comment of yours (which we specifically say we won't)? Or supposedly didn't follow up after we…made a change to Zotero on your behalf?

    Honestly, this is just really strange.

    And even if none of that were true, saying "Since no one bothered to reply" after 4 hours would still be obnoxious and inappropriate, so please rethink your approach if you're going to continue posting here.
  • You’re right, I should have left out the comment about replying. I do apologize.

    I used to actively report bugs in the past. I use Zotero all the time for work, and I’m usually really invested in contributing to software I use. However over time, I was under the impression my posts—especially bug reports—were often not taken into consideration.

    I do understand that maintaining Zotero is a lot of work in itself. I develop software myself, I can relate. But maybe asking the devs to manage the forum is just too much then? This is not a snarky remark, it’s an honest comment.

    Here’s a few examples of posts—mostly bug reports—that never got any reply or resolution, which is why I had somewhat given up trying to contribute. Please understand that I’m not asking to fix these now. But investigating, reproducing, creating posts & bug reports takes time. At least *some* follow up, even if it’s just "we’re looking into it", even after a few days, would have been appreciated.
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    Again, please read Be Patient. We can't respond to every single feature request, but that doesn't mean we haven't read them. We respond to most support requests within hours (or minutes), but if you're experiencing some problem and think your issue has been overlooked, by all means post a follow-up after a few days.

    Of the others on your list… One I responded to and you said you couldn't reliably reproduce it. The iOS app will obviously get page thumbnails eventually. Another your complaint seems to be that one of our iOS developers accidentally didn't @ you when following up in your thread to say the problem was fixed?

    And there are literally 30+ more in which I responded to you, many of which you thanked me in for helping you. And that's not counting all the ones that @adamsmith has responded to, or other Zotero developers have responded to. Your estimation here just seems to be way out of sync with the very high level of support you've received.
    But maybe asking the devs to manage the forum is just too much then?
    No? It's a core part of our development process and lets us provide unparalleled support. We directly troubleshoot bugs and discuss feature requests and talk with people about ways they use the software every single day, in addition to providing expert advice and guidance. The idea that you or the thousands of people we help here every year would somehow have a better experience talking to customer support reps following scripts instead of the actual developers of the project is delusional.

    There were 8,500 forum threads created in the last year. Again, if you didn't get a response to something, just post a follow-up.

    In any case, as I said, we'll make this configurable.
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    An issue had been created on this problem :

    I've proposed a pull request with the solution above :

    I'm not sure if I need to do something more to get it merged in the main branch.

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