Tool bar not showing correctly on iOS


Sometimes the tool bar isn’t showing correctly on the iOS app, see this screenshot for example:

  • When you say "sometimes", do you know what causes it to happen or not happen? Is it happening for some PDFs? Some orientations? Are you able to move the toolbar to a different position and back, and does that fix it?
  • Unfortunately I could not figure out any way to trigger it. Yesterday it happened after I switched to the iOS app from the iOS home screen... It does really seem to happen randomly, and not depend on specific files. I’m pretty sure it always happened in portrait orientation.

    Yes I’m able to fix it by repositioning the toolbar again.
  • I often encounter this as well. So far, the below is the most consistent way for me to reproduce it.

    1. Open a PDF and hide the annotation tool bar.
    2. Kill the app by swiping up from the middle-bottom of the screen and swiping up on zotero.
    3. Open Zotero.
    4. If after Zotero opens it shows you the library view, repeat steps 1-3 until zotero shows you the previously open pdf when it opens.
    5. Once Zotero launches with an open pdf, show the annotation tool bar.

  • edited November 17, 2023
    I forgot to mention that once you reach step 5, a number of other issues also appear.

    * When the appearance is set to automatic and should be dark (e.g., late at night), the appearance sometimes flips to light.
    * Some highlights (but not all) are rendered incorrectly. The color of the text is changed, but the background behind the text is not highlighted.
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