Comment on Zotero beta 7 + feature request


I have recently installed Zotero 7 beta and running it on my macbook pro M1. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how faster it is compared to Zotero 6. Not only does the item list loads faster but the PDF reader’s performance is literally miles ahead the one in Zotero 6. I use Zotero a lot in my work, and used to consider Zotero one of the slower apps with which I was dealing with, and this is no longer the case. Thanks to the devs for the hard work.

I would also want to include the following feature request it this post, this time regarding the mobile (iOS) app: page thumbnails. I use PDF  expert on mac/ipad and I feel this is something that’s currently missing on Zotero for iOS. Scrolling using the very small thumbnails at the bottom of the screen isn’t very user friendly in my opinion, and a page thumbnails view would make the experience better.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Thanks for all the hard work and considering my request.
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