Some files don't get uploaded to WebDAV

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I have the same issue on

As far as I am aware, their WebDAV is working, but some files in the Zotero storage just don't get uploaded.

Is there any way to trigger this sync?
  • I found out now that I can reset the file sync history through the menu. I have 2GB of PDFs and only 400MB of them got synced initially. I then renamed files to trigger the sync (as described above). At 1GB of synced files I was out of large PDFs and to find and rename the remaining 1GB of small files did not seem to be the way to go about it. I triggered the sync now my resetting the file sync history and hope that everything gets synced (and will reset it again otherwise). This is clearly a bug though.

    I shall report it properly as soon as I find the time - just a bit in a hurry right now.
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    We're not aware of any issue here. Note that, if you switch WebDAV servers, previously uploaded files won't be uploaded again unless you do Reset File Sync History, but that's it, and that was likely the issue in the other thread. There's nothing that should stop newly added files from being uploaded to a properly configured WebDAV server with enough storage space.
  • Thanks for your reply. I was on 4shared before moving to infini cloud. On 4shared not everything got uploaded (probably related to a problem with 4shared, as described here:, so I moved to infini cloud. I did not reset the file sync history and I noticed that not everything got uploaded. After resetting the file history I think this is fixed, so probably you are right, and there is not actually an issue.

    I'll keep checking whether all newly added files are actually backed up properly, and will post again, if there appears to be an issue. I will open a new thread in that case. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the support :)
  • Any news or updates as to the outcome? 4Shared issues here...
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    It seems to work well on now.
  • Just gave infini a go but still getting the following error. Any tips?

    "Permission Denied

    The WebDAV server did not accept the username and password you entered.

    Please check your file sync settings or contact your WebDAV server administrator."
  • Good news. We got past the above from 12 min ago.

    Now it's just a matter of populating.

  • @G-regex - I've set everything up properly and there are no errors but it seems that nothing from my Zotero is uploading to infini. Any tips?
  • I chatted with Inifi and they recommended I go to Zotero for help on this. They suggested doing a reset but I'm concerned about losing all of my citations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Do NOT use the selected option.
    The Reset file Sync History option below it is worth a try in your situation.
    See for the full troubleshooting
  • Thank you Adam.

    So 'Reset File Sync History' is worth a go?

    I've had a read of the link you provided and it geared to Zotero as the backup server so it is difficult for me to figure how it applies to Inifini (or other) third party backup sources.
  • It is, yes. (The linked post explicitly mentions the distinction between WebDAV and Zotero File Storage wherever its relevant; everything else applies to both)
  • Thanks Adam. I had a look through again and followed the steps. No luck after following WebDav instructions... Any thoughts?
  • Step 5 specifies exactly what to do and what to report for troubleshooting.
  • Already done and dusted. Just wait for a reply now?
  • If not, generate a Debug ID for the first sync after performing Reset File Sync History, followed by a successful opening of the file locally, and post it to the Zotero Forums.

    At least the last part you didn't do. Make sure you did the rest exactly as described to avoid delays
  • I did that a few hours ago but happy to have another go.

    Thanks again.
  • I might be missing something, but I'm not seeing a debug ID in any of your posts here?
  • Apologies, I misunderstood. I reported it to Zotero via the instructions.

    How would I get that diagnostic back to post here?


  • I don't think you can unless you noted down the number. You'd have to do this again
  • Well, good news. Everything just started to magically upload. Don't know why but happy that it is.

    Thank you for getting me through the muck.

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