Error: 'setState'

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Hi there,

I transferred my zotero library from a Mac to a Windows Computer (per copying not sync). Now most (however not all) pdfs show (when I open them in the zotero pdf editor):

Error 'setState'
PDF.js v2.8.0 (build: fdde957)

Debug ID: D2094223361

When I select "show hidden files" in the File Explorer and delete the ".zotero-pdf-state"-file in my library (a suggestion from the discussions below), the error disappears and a new ".zotero-pdf-state" is created.
The one peculiarity all of the pdfs share that don't show the error seems to be that this special file seems to be created just the moment I open them for the first time in the editor.

Is the solution to delete all of the "older" ".zotero-pdf-state"-files safe? What information do they carry?

Other discussions on the same error:

Thanks in advance!
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