Multiple Works Same Author, Same Year

I did try to search the Documentation for any leads but didn't seem to find any - any suggestions on differentiating multiple works by the same author and same year? Maybe through a manual tag? But then the citations don't carry over that tag (e.g., APA format dictates this scenario requires something like (AuthorA, 2022a) and (AuthorA, 2022b). Can Zotero do that?
  • Zotero does this automatically and appropriately for the style when using the word processor add-on.
  • Nice, but if I'm referencing this author in a note manually, then that kind of auto-differentiation doesn't happen. Would be nice if it did! :)
  • What's the actual use case here? Since there's no bibliography in a note, the a and b suffix don't help you to make sense of a the citation. If you insert the note into a Word document using "Add Note" the citation will auto-update and, as per the above, display the disambiguation.
  • I paraphrase my annotations (original annotations I've copied-pasted from the PDF) into my own words, and when doing so, I manually insert the in-text citations. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Open to suggestions!
  • Right, but what would a and b be referring to in this case? There's no bibliography, so 2020a doesn't actually mean anything, does it?
  • it would be a way to help me differentiate which author's work I am referencing in my manual in-text citations and manual paraphrasing> True, it doesn't "mean" anything, but it's a manual way to keep track until I'm ready to incorporate that into a final paper.
  • Yeah, sorry, I don't see Zotero doing that.
    Again, though, if you use insert citation in a note, you don't actually have to keep track of which one of x items by the same author/year you are citing: It's stored in the note and will let you see which item you're citing if you click on it and select "Show Item" and it will automatically update in a citation style if you insert it into a document using "Add Note" in the word processor add-on.
  • Thanks adamsmith; I was thinking of that too so thanks for confirming the other option!
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