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  • Hi, much thanks, it is now working. Seems that their must have been some problem in Word or somewhere, as I had selected APA previously but the style selection reverted to Chicago for some reason; on re-selecting APA again in Preferences in Word, ev…
  • I have to use APA V6 (American Psychological Association), and in the uni referencing guide they show what in-text citations should look like, so APA allows that; but I assume then that as defined in Zotero in is not set up to do so; and maybe I nee…
  • Forgot to say - I'm using MS Office Pro 2016.
  • Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I had tried that, but there are only two options in there: Display Citation as: Footnote OR Endnote. If I choose Footnote, that's what I get - a superscripted number at that point in the text, and a Footnote at the bo…
  • Rather than starting a new question, I'll try following up on this similar one. My problem is that I am trying to insert an inline citation, but only get citations shown as footnotes (or endnotes if choose that). How do I change to have inline citat…
  • Appreciate the great efforts, but for an unfinished app it is comparatively (to other apps) not cheap?
  • I have started using both Mendeley and Zotero to see which one I will be using in the long term. I am more impressed with the Zotero app, especially how well it integrates with Firefox (even though the Mendeley storage space is bigger). The big…