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I think i'm being really stupid. It doesn't matter what citation style i use, they all put it in the footnotes. I seem to remember there used to be an easy way to switch between inline ciations and footnote citations, but I can't seem to find it.

Sorry if this is overly obvious - i've spent ages looking and can't find the answer
  • I've realised a the problem - if i put a new one in it goes inline/in-text, but as it's trying to convert an old document htey don't change to intext. loathed to redo each one so if anyone has advice would be very appreciated!
  • Depends on how you inserted the citations: If you inserted them in text and had Zotero create the footnote, that should work. If you inserted a footnote and created the citation there, there's not reasonable way to convert, I'm afraid.
  • Rather than starting a new question, I'll try following up on this similar one. My problem is that I am trying to insert an inline citation, but only get citations shown as footnotes (or endnotes if choose that). How do I change to have inline citations? I haven't used Zotero in two years or so, in the old version that was fairly easy, if i recall correctly.
  • Change the citation style under Document Preferences in Word.
  • Hi
    Thanks for the quick reply. I had tried that, but there are only two options in there:
    Display Citation as:
    Footnote OR Endnote.
    If I choose Footnote, that's what I get - a superscripted number at that point in the text, and a Footnote at the bottom of the page. Choosing Endnote works similarly, it just places the citation at the end of the document.
    I am doing an assignment now and really would like to get this working so i can insert citations as inline text.
  • Forgot to say - I'm using MS Office Pro 2016.
  • No, in that window, select a different citation style that uses in-text citations. What style are you using?
  • I have to use APA V6 (American Psychological Association), and in the uni referencing guide they show what in-text citations should look like, so APA allows that; but I assume then that as defined in Zotero in is not set up to do so; and maybe I need to edit the APA style in Zotero?
  • Have you tried selecting the APA style? It is an in-text style and definitely will not automatically create a footnote when you insert a citation. If it does, there is a problem on your system that will need troubleshooting.
  • Hi, much thanks, it is now working. Seems that their must have been some problem in Word or somewhere, as I had selected APA previously but the style selection reverted to Chicago for some reason; on re-selecting APA again in Preferences in Word, everything automatically converted from foootnotes to in-text. Very happy - thanks to you, and also everyone else who took time to reply.
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