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  • Disregard, sync now working.
  • On closer look, it might have to do with the fact that Zotero is trying to download and apply three different updates today. I'll see if everything is working after it finishes.
  • As of today, the Amazon translator does not save any book data but rather saves an Amazon book page as a web page with snapshot.
  • Another useful feature that has changed: When sorting items into collections, in the previous version, hovering over a collection with an item would provide instant feedback that the item was already in the collection or not. If not, the collection…
  • bwiernik, that's what I had assumed, but in fact I never had "Display All Tags in Library" checked. Keeping it unchecked does remove from the tag list any tags that don't appear in the library, but selecting items within the library no longer filte…
  • I just started using the beta, and noticed a difference in the way tags are working. In the previous version, selecting one tag would produce in the center panel a list of all items with that tag and would produce in the lower left tag panel a list…
  • Is this forum still being monitored? This feature was first requested in September 2013 - almost three years ago. As one of the initial participants in the conversation pointed out, if the colored tags are expanded from 6 to 9, and any users find …
  • Is anyone still considering adding more color tags? This would be very useful to me as well.
  • Just checking to see if there is any movement on this feature request. Note there are already provided 9 colors to chose from, and there are 10 number keys on a keyboard, so what is the reason for not implementing this request?
  • I second or third the request for more than six colors. It is invaluable to see at a glance which items on a list have a particular tag in common.
  • I've begun noticing that more and more Amazon titles are importing the publication year into the Author last name field. A few weeks ago this was primarily happening with forthcoming titles - that is, future pub dates - but now it seems to be happen…