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  • In case anyone missed it, PMID can now be entered directly into the magic wand function. Just get the PMID as described above and click the magic wand in the zotero window, paste the PMID and you got it :)
  • Since I got an Asus Eee I used a modified distro of Ubuntu 8.04 that was easy to install and kept all the extras working (SD-reader, mic, webcam etc.). Unless someone has a better solution I think I'll find a newer version of Ubuntu with eee co…
  • I suspect i have the same trouble on my ubuntu machine (running 2.8 i think) and OO 2.4. When i try to do something that needs communication with firefox like inserting a citation OO just goes grey and freezes. On my EEE with the standard Xa…
  • Fabre's way of doing it is excellent if you only want a few articles. Thanks a lot Fabre! Here's the way i use it: Once i found the article(s) I want i choose show as Medline. Search the page for pmid and cut and paste the number jus…
  • I had similar problems. First time I installed the zotero extension I got a toolbar in a separate window and closed it immediately. After that I couldnt get it back, even though i removed the extension, restarted oo and reinstalled. You…
  • My first post here, and I really want to say thank you to the team behind this project. I mainly work with articles from Medline and been trying to import them to Zotero directly without success. I found this link…