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  • Another example can be seen in the model bibliography for contributors to Sources Chrétiennes: Directives – Modèle de bibliographie – Testamentum porcelli. Just below the middle of the last page you will find two articles listed with column numbers.
  • I don't know of a standard I can cite for you. SBL citation style (like CMS) simply lists the range of pages or columns without an label (neither p. nor col.). My University's relatively brief rules say to use "p.", but I think it's obvious they don…
  • a) OK, I'll fix the tag. Thanks for that. b) I can do that in my style, but if Zotero/CSL is unable to represent the fact that some reference works number columns instead of pages, I think its data model needs to be expanded. Numbering by columns …
  • I have similar problems when I cite Church Fathers or Medieval works. I don't think Zotero wants to know about all the numbers involved when one is citing a commentary on Peter Lombard's sentences, but there needs to be a way to suppress ibid. when …
  • OK, I understand. I create the item, Zotero immediately starts syncing; I create the note, and Zotero can't show it to me. As a work-around, perhaps Zotero should wait for an idle period before syncing. I understand if you think that's a hack and do…