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  • Not exactly. I know clicking on the "i" button opens up the full title. In fact the issue crops up once I am inside the entry. That is when the full title is not shown. Say it consists of 7 words. I am able to view the first 3 words or so, but the …
  • Thanks! This seems to have helped. Though there seems to be some issue with the Firefox menu. I am unable to remove the extensions button icon, and I don't see the overflow menu icon. I had deleted the FF profile some time ago, and have recently re…
  • Thanks for considering this :)
  • It works :) Thanks a lot! You guys are amazing.
  • I should also point out that in the Saving section under Settings I have deselected "Save Files" and "Save Automatic Tags." This is how I've setup the desktop app. Not sure if this is creating the problem outlined above. Thanks!
  • 1-I open the webpage in Safari. 2-I press Share and select Zotero. 3-I then see the name of the article and the list of my "collections." I select the collection where I want to save this article. I also select a few tags and press Save. I can no…
  • I use the Share button and then scroll to find the Zotero. Once I press that, the Zotero card comes up and I can select the collection where I want to save the entry. If I add tags at this stage, and then press "Save to Zotero," the tags don't show …
  • Hi. I followed the instructions here– I saved the library link which had book wanted added. Then I edited this bookmark following the instructions above. When I finally clicked on the bookmark a blank…
  • I was thinking of History, Sociology, and Anthropology. The articles I see don't have DOI info cited in the bibliography entries. So, I want to keep the DOI entry intact, but not have it generate along with the other details, I need to shift to a …
    in DOI entry Comment by AM-Z July 4, 2020
  • So, how do I edit the style sheet? I clicked the button for editing styles, and it brings up coding. I am not sure I can handle this. Btw, I am using Chicago manual of style 17th edition (author-date) to generate my biblios. Thanks
    in DOI entry Comment by AM-Z July 3, 2020
  • Oh, I see. In the social science journals I don't see DOI information cited anywhere. Do you mean that the editors will want it to cross-check references, but not include it for final publication?
    in DOI entry Comment by AM-Z July 3, 2020
  • Oh, I see. I appreciate you digging up this link for me. Thanks!
  • It worked. Thanks! Not sure why the full reference is now coming as Tonnies (1887) 1957 Is there way I could reverse this? This is with the Chicago manual 17th ed.
  • Thanks. This looks neat now that I've had a chance to see how it works. I am wondering how entries in the a group are backed up. I know the Zotero main library has its own folder where I am supposed to backup "Storage" etc. But, how will I keep a …
  • Thanks. I looked around and see there is a button to create a new group. Pressing it takes me to my online account for some reason, and asks me to create the new group. Under "My Library" I also see a button that lets me create a "New Collection." …
  • Thanks for the quick response. I looked through the page and used this to locate the data directory - /Users//Library/Application Support/Zotero/Profiles//zotero This is under the section - Zotero 4.0 Standalone But, I don't see any "zotero" …