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  • The Index for Hebrew periodical (IHP - in hebrew - MAFTECH HAIFA), which also uses Alpeh as far as i know, works partly ok with Zotero 1.0. - identifies everything as a book, don't import periodical name, but does import the Tags. i can't give …
  • @ gzattler right click on the entry in the zotero, and choose Create biblio from item, and from the pop-up select Copy to clipboard. i must admit it took me some time to find out, and at first i though u can only use zotero with thos biblio soft…
  • not sure if this helps, but BlueOrgenizer by adaptive blue http://www.adaptiveblue.com/ has what i believe is a sidebar (just like zotero, but on the side) which in turns opens a full tab which is some sort of xml/html file which display the res…
  • hi Sean, well, i have no knowledge in SQLite, but i manage, i think, to find the code you were talking about in the end of the scrapers.sql file. but i am afraid i was unable to figure out much about it. nor do i know how to create that CSL th…
  • well, i have taken a look at babelzilla, and even started translating abit. but as for the Locales file, i believe it is missing a couple of things: 1) how can zotero detect if the citation is done in a language that should be displayed as RTL a…
  • about the parentheses issue; although i have this problem when using the word add-on, i do not see this problem when i send the citation to the clipboard, and then paste it in word. is this what you mean? but a great idea anyway.