Another Call for Alpeh

There's less gibberish in the new update, but Aleph entries still don't import properly. For example, JNUL, RAMBI, etc., even in English! See, e.g.
  • I have a similar expirience. I cannot make Zotero grab info from Alepgh run database, here:
    (it is in Polish).
    Any idea how to fix it??
  • same problem over here
  • It's working for me at (University of Aberdeen), both from a list and from individual records.
  • happy You - Scot :)
    but what seems to be the problem?? at those Polish sites??
    Can somebody tel me??
  • The Index for Hebrew periodical (IHP - in hebrew - MAFTECH HAIFA), which also uses Alpeh as far as i know, works partly ok with Zotero 1.0. - identifies everything as a book, don't import periodical name, but does import the Tags.

    i can't give direct URL, since it requires a paid account. but this is the info page.
  • i'm having problems with harvard's hollis catalog, which usesleph. language makes no fifference
  • @jonocko, I can't find a problem using Harvard's Hollis catalog. Could you please post a link or links to pages that fail for you? Thanks.
  • My problems seem to go beyond Hollis because I can't do anything with the endeca based libraries at NC State, Duke or UNC Chapel Hill either. Today when I tried Hollis, I got no error messages but other than the hour glass remaining on the area to the far right where the book information should have appeared, nothing else happened.

    The same thing happened with this title.

    At the moment, I have no problems with webpages that indicate Zotero works with them, but problems with numerous catalogs, including Yale's, which was fine yesterday but not today.,1&Search_Arg=Fan%20Zengxiang&SL=None&Search_Code=NAME_&CNT=50&PID=h-bsVUrqljPRMLsMCbMKzUyuG4u_&SEQ=20080807131912&SID=1,6&Search_Arg=Bartlett%2C%20Beatrice&SL=None&Search_Code=NAME_&CNT=50&PID=Tz71oTc7__GspMuBHcB7tCtOgGFn&SEQ=20080807132212&SID=3

    At Yale--I get no response at all.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I've gone through all the steps suggested to deal with translator problems. My database is not corrupted, I have the most up to date version of Zotero and the translators. I've the most recent version of Firefox.
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