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  • @developers: is the described problem with proxies requiring authentication recognized as a problem? Can I help somehow with more information concerning this issue?
  • We have exactly the same problem. Zotero standalone is not able to ask you for the userid / password required to authenticate with the proxy. By the way, this is exactly the same with the Zotero Firefox plugin. If you start firefox with an empt…
  • In my hand a growing number of saved searches "Files on Tablet" are generated. At present I see about 30 lines "Files on Tablet" I have Zotero 3.0.3 and Zotfile 2.0, German Any hints what I could check?
  • In my hand a growing number of "Files on Tablet" are generated. I have Zotero 3.0.3 and Zotfile 2.0, German Any hints what I could check?
  • @epilepsy: concerning N1 -: The note (N1 -) is imported exactly as it is in Refman. Already in the source database notes contain information that should be in other fields (ISSN/ISBN) for example. In zotero a note is displayed always as …
  • @epilepsy: I also have this notes, but in fact for me this contains valuable information. If you really do not like to import "N1 -" you could change it to something else that is not imported ("XX -"). Probably it would be good to remove the CRs a…
  • @rintze: Thanks, that's good news! Maybe I stay with 2.0 for my current project. But I'm really happy that I do not have to edit all 3600 references ;-)
  • I just face the following problem: Autor initials got imported as Mister M.W. for example. No Space between M. and W. In the bibliography I get Mister M instead of Mister MW. Adding a space solves the problem. Is there anything I have mis…
  • I just imported a large Reference Manager database into zotero (2.0.9). The problems I faced were: 1) Special German characters (äöüß...) got lost. 2) as described above, RIS export files contain non printable characters [\x00-\x1F], mainly arroun…