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  • Hi, everybody. Hi developers. I have the similar problem with duplicated items. I have a huge number of duplicated items in the folder. However, only 3-5 of them can be considered as duplicates. All other differ from each other. Many of them are in…
  • @dstillman and other developers It seems, Zotero has some issues incompatible with NVIDIA drivers. At 05 June 2020 my Zotero starts without any problem. But today it is not starting. I have got permanent Zotero Startup error. That error could not …
  • @bwiernik @dstillman Hi, I agree. 1. I definitely use numeric citation style while writting the manuscript. 2. Ordering citation for different manuscript. Zotero already links references for each sub-collection. I thought it is simple to have order…
  • adamsmith: "For the 2nd DOI..." Thank you, I understood. They forward the request directly to PDF file
  • https://search.crossref.org/?q=10.1615/InterJEnerCleanEnv.2019032466 This doi is REGISTERED with CROSSREF But, Zotero cannot find it Could you, please, check?
  • Hi, dstillman At first, I am personally don't need help. I already correct this issue. At second, if it is important... I don't know SQLile, so I need some other software. I work with Access. However, I tried to use 2 different type of database …
  • Dstillmann - It is not the case, really. I found it, because I use MSAccess to connect to Zotero DB and tried to create query. Access couldn't complete the query joing due to itemData.value.ID was defined as MEMO. So, I need to change it type to int…
  • I have the same problem. Zotero And I can not understand, why it is impossible to add Date-Time format option in the Preferences? Let users decide what format they want to use in the User Interface. Am I right?
  • @dstillman Yahoooo!! Thank you very very much! By the way there is not necessary to restart Zotero 5.0 after changing. Thanks a lot!
  • @fbennett I did definitely you wrote. Juris-M did not find information in Zotero folder! In my previous post I give links to screens http://modern.science.triacon.org/files/zotero/jm01.jpg - after setting custom folder http://modern.science.triaco…
  • @bwiernik @fbennett Guys, I installed Zotero 5 I installed JurisM 5.0 alpha When I tried to select Zotero directory as user folder it said: http://modern.science.triacon.org/files/zotero/jm01.jpg I clicked Yes Database is empty. http://modern.scie…
  • Yes, sure. http://modern.science.triacon.org/files/zotero/zotero_ui.jpg I can not make it smaller. In previous version (4.017) I did it, but I don't remember how. After update to 5.0 I can't. Thank you.
  • bwiernik: Thank you. Tried it. Unfortunatelly, it could not connect to my existing Zotero database.