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  • I have a problem with extracted annotations using the most recent version of Zotfile (3.0.2) on Linux. When I extract the annotations of highlighted passages, I get many characters that have been "substituted". So, for example, what should read: …
  • Joscha, I have a straightforward PDF for which extractioon of annotations is not working, with version 2.3.4 (script is unresponsive) or the beta version on github (script just seems to stop). Linux, FF 20, Zotero 4.0.6. But how do I send it to …
  • Yeah, I know my initial method stores multiple copies. A link to the original would be efficient, but it is another few steps, disrupting workflow even further. And I thought of "Related", but it isn't necessarily obvious or convenient. Should I …
  • I'm glad it's useful for you, but I can't help with styles or formatted text. With respect to the second problem, I ran into the same issue with Zotero.Items.getLibraryKeyHash(item). That's why I copied the two lines out of chrome/content/zotero/xp…
  • I don't know if this deserves a new thread or not, but I have figured out how to use zotero://select in a useful way (for me). After some trial and error with MozRepl, trying to write a Firefox extension, I realized that an export translator was wha…
  • Thanks Dan. Is there any public timeline for 2.0 Final? I'm just wondering if it's worth investigating a workaround for myself using MozRepl.