Copying/linking attachment to multiple items

Is it possible to easily copy an attachment (usually a PDF) from one item to another?

For example, in my archival work I have scanned copies of newsletters. I'd like to create separate items with separate authors, pages, etc for each particular bit in the newsletter, but use the same PDF of the entire newsletter. This would be much easier than using Acrobat or similar to export separate pages from the original PDF file.

Dragging the PDF to a separate item leads to moving it, not copying it. It's possible to show the file location, then drag it back to into Zotero to the new entry. The workflow is awkward, but more importantly, dragging-dropping doesn't work in Linux.

Is there a keyboard/mouse combo I need to use, or does the functionality not exist?

  • No, and if you did that you'd be storing multiple copies of the file on disk (assuming the PDF was stored, not linked).
  • I tend to refer to the item using "Related" when I'm in a situation like this.
  • Yeah, I know my initial method stores multiple copies. A link to the original would be efficient, but it is another few steps, disrupting workflow even further.

    And I thought of "Related", but it isn't necessarily obvious or convenient.

    Should I put in a feature request?
  • This pretty much is a feature request-- developers and whatnot read every post anyway.
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