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  • Thank you - moments before seeing your reply I looked over the instructions and realised that this is precisely the issue.
  • Thank you for your response Dan. I can't really speak to the policy issue - I can ask that UCL consider a move to ESR but any movement would be many months away I fear. The reason to host the xpis ourself would just be to ensure compatibil…
  • I just installed Mendeley today after reading about it on Lifehacker. I'll keep trying with it but first impressions were not good. I found it a pain to install; there appears to be no help function; the help refered me to a pdf not included in th…
  • LOL I'm glad to say (since I work for the Information Systems Division) that our security is rather better than that. The fact is that upgrading OO isn't a solution for us right now. I'm happy to migrate to word if I have to, but I was in…
  • Hi, I have firefox 3.0.7, OpenOffice 2.0, zotero 1.5b2. I can't upgrade OpenOffice (I'm on a managed system). I upgraded to the beta because I need syncing so badly. Now, I can't get the OpenOffice plugin required for the beta version to…
  • Hi all, I have been having the same problem with Web of Science. I cannot download a complete page of references, although I do *sometimes* see the folder icon in the url bar. I just get the "Could not save item" message. If I go to an individua…