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  • I finally succeeded by reinitializing 5 times (local (empty)->server).
  • I tried. Doesn't work: green arrow turn and turn but nothing change on the server side. Maybe you could destroy my account and reopen a new one (I'll change username).
  • Ok I'll try it later.Thank u.
  • Anyway even by 1000 it frozes. You mean delete the local directory then force a local to server transfer?
  • I took that into account..I also tried through the firefox plugin. Same problem and behaviour. Anyway doing that by 1000 50 times is not a funny thing. My solution is more brutal but efficient. Do you have a possibility to reset my data in factory s…
  • Sorry for that, but even in French I can't explain more than a infinite rolling rainbow icon. So: 1-Après une erreur de chargement d'un bib, j'ai essayé de supprimer 50000 références. Une fois dans la corbeille, il a été impossible de la vider ap…
  • Sorry, I clarify: 0-I created this post as requested by someone frome the zotero team 1-The account I post on this forum is blocked due to 50000 docs import mistake (impossible to sync to empty trash from client, I tried during 36h) 2-I migrat…
  • The sync with the new paid account worked. Now how can I clean the crashed account (a paid one too) without using the client?
  • Yes, some office apps stopped working after El Capitan update. MS made 2 updates to fix it. Now it works but maybe it interacts with the widget. Does it use java? because I have a java alert.
  • I mean: -macros are still working if you run them from macro dialog -The graphic widget is not displayed anymore
  • same for me after the latest update. in fact it works if you run macros but the toolbar is disabled.