• Yeah, well that all is probably true but of no help to me. Do you know if there are any specific directions/instructions anywhere, on how to make this tweak in the CSL myself? I tried Googling it and couldn't see anything. thanks
  • I just tried it again by simply adding "Article" before the e123 and left it in the pages field, that works too and is simpler, but again, I shouldn't really have to do this I'm thinking?
  • Ok. I'm testing by pulling the article in in the usual way, with pdf, and then manually moving the e123 number, refreshing Zotero, then trying in a Word document. No, it wasn't clear, thanks for clarifying. So I added 'number: e123' as you suggeste…
  • I have tried adding the eLocator number to the 'extra' field down the bottom, as well as with the eLocator removed from the pages field. It does not add 'Article' to the reference.
  • No you didn't. Can you show me where you told me how to get Zotero to add the word 'Article' before e123 as locator?
  • Hello! Hey, thanks for the comments. Much of referencing IMO, has silly rules, however I am not in a position to "just ignore" them, for I will do so at my peril. My university has said we need to follow the rules, including that one, and if I do no…
  • I have this problem too, and have done all year. It is most frustrating, to say the least! I'm using Libreoffice and the latest version of Zotero on a Mac running High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65)