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  • Yes, I tried it with papers from Nature Publishing Group (e.g. Nature Physics). It would be helpful if the supplements from Science (https://www.science.org/) and Physical Review journals (such as https://journals.aps.org/prl/) could be added, pro…
  • This feature doesn't seem to work for any journal for me (connector on Chrome and desktop app).
  • Aren't tags only for actual papers/items rather than entire collections/subcollections? I suppose I could add such a tag to all items in my favorite folders, but then I would manually have to introduce that tag to all new imports. This is cumb…
  • I'd like to bump this feature request. I would find it very helpful. And in response to dragonfly: some of my "favorite" folders are subcollections. I would prefer to have that subcollection stand alone in the "favorite collections" list and n…
  • Ah, I see. I missed that word apparently. I'll play with it and make sure everything comes out alright. Thanks!
  • I looked at the abbreviations.json file linked earlier by Simon and didn't find some journals or words that I would need, such as Physical Review Letters (and related journals) or, as far as words, even just the word "physical". That comment is a bi…
  • Is there any way to extract the list of journals and abbreviations from this site? It appears to be much more comprehensive than what is built-in. http://woodward.library.ubc.ca/research-help/journal-abbreviations/