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  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is terrific news, much appreciated
  • There was discussion about adding Short Title as a middle column option back in 2019. https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/78905/display-short-titles-in-my-library The conclusion then was that it would be added, a ticket was created for this reque…
  • PCloud as WebDAV works great - as long as I turn two factor authentication off. Not great. I've submitted a help desk ticket to pcloud about this, because I assume that's something they'd need to enable via application password or the like - but is …
  • Would very much like this. Am now copying "short title" to "extra" so that I can view and sort on it, would like to be able to use "extra" for..extra stuff.
  • There is a book and discussion group for those of us using Zotero for Genealogy https://zoteroforgenealogy.com I'm still in early days of deciding how to do all of this myself, and am using CMOS17 myself. I plan to modify the CMOS style a bit so t…
  • I would very much like "short title" to be an option to choose as a column in the middle pane, for display and sort. Right now I'm copying my short title to the "extra" field so that I can show and sort by short title, but this is obviously less tha…
  • VERY interested in having an "email to Zotero" address so that research information I receive via email can be forwarded to Zotero and stored in my library, and I can clean it up from there.
  • As a new user, I was confused that "Web Page" was not available as an Item Type. I determined what the available item types were by clicking the green button, and then More. I assumed that to be a complete, alphabetically sorted, list of the Item Ty…