• If there are any problems with Zotero interacting with NBER working papers, the maintainers of Zotero are urged to contact me. Daniel Feenberg 617-863-0343 IT Director NBER
  • This happens to me all the time. It looks like you can get about 400 bibliographic entries from GS in one 24 hour period. If you ask for more, you get cut off for a day. I have never gotten back on in an hour, but the next day is always fine. D…
  • Even a simple duplicate entry detection would be valuable. Suppose one goes to google scholar and fetches interesting items, then goes back a month later to fetch more. Unless one is careful to examince each new entry by hand, exact duplicates will …
  • Yesterday I had the same failure mode several times, today it loads successfully. Of course, the google data is different today, so that could be the explanation. I still have the google page from yesterday, but I don't know how to cause Zotero to l…