Stroage email support responce times

How long does it normally take to receive a response from ''?

I emailed on the 15th and haven't received a reply yet. I am worried as this is about expanding my storage allowance, which is nearing the limit on my 1GB account, so I'd like to resolve this before I need the additional space.

  • I am still waiting for a response. If anyone else has emailed - let me know please.
    It is nearly a week now...
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    You can also email -- it's essentially the same people. I don't know what is taking them so long, but trying another channel might help.
  • Actually, no one should email, ever, unless they've been specifically requested to do so (usually to provide debug output for unusual problems). The Corporation for Digital Scholarship does not provide technical support via email, either.
  • If it's a technical support question, then clearly the correct procedure is to post here on the forums.

    What about non-technical questions, perhaps about terms of use, interest in large subscription arrangements, and so forth? Should they all be posted to the address for institutional storage (

    I don't see much guidance on this on the CDS website or on the Zotero File Storage page -- perhaps there should be more concrete instructions to use the forums (that is, the same set of support materials that people are to use for all other Zotero questions).
  • Thanks both. I've now had an acknowledgement from Sean for my email.
    I found the through the 'storage' tab in 'settings':

    Mine is an individual subscription, I don't know how support works for institutions.
  • ajlyon: The address is where CDS fields institutional storage requests and for resolving problems related to payment, etc.
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