best website to import journal articles items

Hello everybody,

which are the best sources to automatically import journal and magazine printed articles items? ex.:

Lílian Campesato, "A Metamorphosis of the Muses: Referential and Contextual Aspects in Sound Art", in Organized Sound, Volume 14, Issue 01, avril 2009, Cambridge, Cambridge Journals, 2009, pp. 27-37.

Sandy Ballatore, « Micheal Asher : Less Is Enough», Artweek 5, no. 34 (12 Octobre 1974).

or even books chapters?

it is quite difficult to find it in online database ... do you actaully make these entries manually as I do ?
  • Google Scholar has most journal articles. If the article has a DOI, as do most articles published in the last decade or so, you can also use the Add Item by Identifier feature. Some magazine articles and book chapters are in Google Scholar, but for the most part, there is no good online database (that I know of) for these.
  • when I want high quality data I usually go to the original journal page - Cambridge in that case.
  • I often search for the article title, but I also do make a lot of items manually. If your sources are from the computer era (1980s-present) and particularly if they are from Western Europe or North America, then you should be able to find a database for your field that will have them.

    If you are using older or non-Western sources (or non-academic ones), then you will find yourself making lots of entries manually. But take heart, it gets easier and faster over time.

    Also, if you find a quality database that fills in one of the the weak points identified above (pre-1980s, non-Western, non-academic-but-useful) and Zotero doesn't support it, I consider coverage to be a priority for translator creation and I will try to write a translator for it.
  • Thanks for these answers.

    Ajiyon: Jstorr is good but only for limited resources. otherwise I couldnt find anything good. In my field, Art, Visual Studies, I can't find anything good...

    Simon: DOI I suppose it's only for digital items? for ex. I couldnt find it on artforum magazine:
  • if you are looking for (mainly) French resources and are lucky to have useful stuff for you on their translator is really good (because they wrote it: ). also works quite well.
    Otherwise I tend to go for the "google the title and then pick whatever big catalog turns up" - usually google scholar. I then check and complete the info.
  • Hi,

    I tried downloading pdf files from Persée and it did not worked well, it just downloaded basic reference data. Please, can you show me how it works well for downloading pdf archive, plan and complete data?

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