magic wand always posts to "My Library"

For some reason the magic wand always places items into "My Library" no matter what library is selected. I want to use the magic wand to add to group libraries as the translator for PubMed is still not working.

Any ideas if there's a secret setting or how to get the magic wand to cooperate?

  • I took a quick look at this and could not replicate your issue.

    If I am looking in one of my collections and use the look up by identifier button I end up with a copy of the resulting item in that specific collection. I can also see that item in My Library because My Library always shows all of the items in my personal library.

    Now, when I added an item with the look up by identifier button while viewing a group library the item was added to that group library, but did not appear in My Library.

    Can you try this again and see if the issue persists? If it does please provide steps to replicate.
  • So, that's what happens here...

    I select one of my group libraries meaning I click on it, it shows up blue and the content is listed. Next I click on the "Add item by identifier" button and put in a PMID. When I click on OK it retrieves the content from PubMed but puts it as a new item into "My Library".

    I use Zotero 2.0.3 and Firefox 3.6.3.

    Any ideas what might go wrong here?
  • And if you restart Firefox, the item is still in My Library?

    Does this still happen with all your other Firefox extensions disabled (particularly any related to Zotero)?
  • How did you come up with that idea?!

    For some reason it seems to be the OO plugin that causes this behavior. When I disable the plugin everything is fine.

    Any ideas how to fix this? Maybe do a re-installation?
  • I have to correct myself.

    It is not due to the OO plugin, but is an issue of the magic wand utility. The file always goes to "My Library" when using a PMID. If I use a DOI instead, it goes to the selected library.

    Maybe someone knowing about the magic wand tool can comment on this.
  • Strange, but confirmed.

    Adding a item by ISBN to a group library via "Add item by Identifier" resulted in the item being added to the group library. Adding an item by PMID to the same group resulted in the item being added to My Library.

    I opened a ticket for this
  • I have the same issue with Zotero SA 3.0b2.1. I enter an ISBN into the magic wand field and press "Return". At first I thought that nothing happened. Then I found this thread in the forums and looked in "My Library" and found the record.
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    DWL-SDCA: The last post in this thread was from a year ago, and it was fixed back then (as indicated in the linked ticket). There was a new bug in 3.0b1 that caused this, but it should have been fixed for 3.0b2. If you're still getting it in 3.0b2.1, post to this thread, say what you're trying to save into (group library, collection, etc.), and provide an example identifier.
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