Syncing error; Error message pasted below

Error message says:
'Extra' field value 'Access:' too long

What do I do? How do I figure out which entry is too long?
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    Perform an advanced search for the "Extra" field?

    Extra -- contains -- Access:
  • Just tried that and deleted all information in "Extra" fields that came up in an advanced search for "910." Didn't work. I'm still getting the error message. I also did a search for "ucal051," but that doesn't pull up any entries.

  • If you have items in group libraries, check those too. The message means what it says, and there's no other answer.
  • I don't have any group libraries. I'm searching for all parts of that error code in the Extra field and then deleting the data in that field. Should I delete the entire entry?

    Still getting error code after all these deletions.
  • Have you checked to make sure that's still the error you're getting?

    And if you simply deleted any items rather than removing the data, empty your trash.
  • Okay. Just emptied the trash--thanks for that tip. Now it is syncing w/server and keeps spinning forever, but no error code. This is on my home computer. I assume it will be the same on my work computer, because as you have explained, the data lives in the Firefox browser and on the Zotero server, right?

    Will report back when the sync icon stops spinning.
  • The error code is gone, but the sync icon is still spinning. It's been hours.
  • The icon stopped spinning but now I have the same error code again: 'Extra' field value 'Access:' too long

    Do I need to search for that code all over again? I never found it the first time.
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