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I was trying to delete items from our group at the same time as another Admin in our group was also trying to delete stuff. I had a bunch of conflict resolution boxes to go through when I tried to sync my deletions, but I can't do a full sync anymore. I've tried quitting the program and restarting, and I've also tried rebooting.
  • I have another Firefox profile on the same computer, where I have a different Zotero user name and member status to our group (read-only). This is so we can check and see how changes we make affect our group members. When I'm working in that firefox profile, the sync is fine. I can see the other Admin's update (the deletions he made). Just my Admin account under a different profile hasn't been able to sync yet.
  • We're looking into this.
  • Ah - well, I tried creating a third profile in Firefox, downloaded Zotero again, and sync'ed from fresh with my Admin user name and password. The sync went through just now. I'm not getting any error messages...
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    So sync seems to be working fine now for me, on both my Member and Admin profiles. But some of our other group members and admins are having problems sync'ing - the sync arrow just keeps spinning. No error messages, though. Should we have them try again next week?
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    I think my last comment might be related to the way the server queues sync jobs. Our group jumped to 32 users this week. We will have the full ~100 users (as planned) in our group by the end of April. I will start another thread on this, because I'm curious what happens when we are all sync'ing to the same copy of our library on the server...
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