changing user status and re-loading libraries

Hello - we recently changed the status of one of our Admins who had read/edit privileges to Member status with read-only, no working with files privileges. The first time he sync'ed after this change, he was walked through a series of steps where the application deleted then reloaded the group library, which worked perfectly. But now, every time he syncs to update, the application does the same deletion and re-upload, which takes about 10 minutes. Is this a glitch? We haven't switched his status since that initial sync...
  • Actually - it seems to do this for anyone who has member-only access in our Private library. Even if they have always been members only, the same pop-up comes up: You no longer have file editing access to the zotero group 'name', and the files you've added or edited cannot be synced to the server. If you continue, your copy of the group will be reset to its state on the server, and local modifications to items andfiles will be lost. If you would like a chance to copy changed items and files elsewhere, cancel the sync now."
  • Ah! I just changed the last group setting back (File editing used to be Admins-only, but now I switched it so any group member can work with files). This seems to have fixed the issue - at least, I do not see the pop-up and I do not have any sync problems within my member-only account.
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