Issues with annotation


I have recently realized that Zotero is not exporting ALL my highlighted text from the PDF to the note. I am using an external PDF reader to highlight text because if I use the Zotero feature when I read the PDF on my tablet or phone, I cannot see anything highlighted.

The problem is that a few highlighted texts are either not extracted or partially extracted (the sentence is cut off).
If I open the pdf inside Zotero, I can see the same partially extracted text on the left bar, although the pdf showed the entirely highlighted paragraph.
If I delete everything and highlight just the portion left out, with the same external PDF reader, Zotero correctly extracts that portion of text!

I am using PDF Xchange editor to reak and highlight PDFs. If I use Acrobat, the situation is even worse.

I am using Zotero 6.0.36. I know this post (, but the solution is not working since I did not modify anything in the config.

Is there a solution or external plugin that I can use to extract the text? I remember that in Zotero 5, this feature worked fine (if I recall correctly, it was done by a plugin).

I am attaching a screenshot: the entire paragraph was highlighted together, but as you can see on the left, just the first sentence was extracted

Thank you!
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