Zotero 7 beta bug(?): Rename File from Parent Metadata

edited January 26, 2024
Mac OS 13, Zotero 7 beta:
I use Zotero Connector in Safari, click connector symbol on academic sites. An item is correctly added w all parent metadata, and PDF is downloaded. This PDF is often named something generic, current example in beta.55: "SAGE PDF Full Text"

I display the long list of items in a library in the middle panel of window (between library and item panels) and get the Title Creator Year columns (my choice of columns) and expand an item through the little arrow to the left of Title to fold down sublist of Notes and title of PDF file, named "SAGE PDF Full Text".

I want a specific naming to be made and displayed. So I right-click on PDF name and get pop-up menu and choose: "Rename File from Parent Metadata". This actually happens, the file is renamed.

But that name is not displayed in the listing. In Zotero 6 it was. In earlier Zotero 7 beta I found an easy "hack" to force this to happen. In beta.55 I have found no way to change the listed name (Except for writing it manually).

It is supposed to happen automatically, right?
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    Ok, but I have never used Zotfile or any plug-in at all.

    Personally, I don't understand why anyone would like Attachment title to be "SAGE PDF Full Text" for hundreds of attachments. Even if they are displayed under an Item title, but well, that's an opinion.

    My "hack" in Zotero 7 beta before .55 was to first click return once on the Attachment title in the "Item panel" to the right. And after that the "Rename File from Parent Data" actually did rename the Attachment title displayed. Something Zotero devs apparently call a bug. I saw it as a feature. An option to display filename instead of generic attachment titles would be appreciated. Apparently by others than than me also.
  • I would like to second that "PDF Full Text" does not convey any useful information. I've been using "rename file title" to change the Attachment title and I would like that feature to be an option in Zotero 7. I don't want to see "PDF Full Text" anywhere in my Zotero--it is really distracting. Please!
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