[Android] Syncing large libraries

Since the demo user account seemed to work reasonably well, I thought I'd dare give it a go with my real library, which according to the MacOS client has about 15k entries. And that's already a difference to Android, where the syncing claims to over 40k entries. Is there an overcount? Also it seems to get stuck at some point, I've been trying to restart the syncing several times now and currently I am stuck at about 6k entries. enozkan reported something similar recently. Is there some fundamentally different sync strategy to iOS? There, it also is a bit slow on the first sync, but then actually remarkably efficient. Note that I am of course not syncing the files, only the database.
  • I'm actually curious about the syncing performance/capabilities when syncing the files too.
  • My sync of the entire library eventually finished after five or six stop-and-go's, and syncing has been great since then. Shutting down the app and restarting it helped initiate and complete the first sync. I have about 10,000 entries. Syncing a small group library with attachments had no issues.

    (I thought the mismatch between number of items being synced and actual items in the library was because it was also counting the attachments and notes during the count, but I am not sure.)
  • Thanks @enozkan. By killing/syncing/killing/syncing ... for several hours I indeed managed to sync my whole library (still without the files- not planning to do that). Syncing is still hit and miss: when I now annotate a file and force sync via pulling down, it still does not sync, but upon killing and restarting the app it does. Hopefully the sync will become more reliable soon.
  • We've made some improvements to syncing in the latest build (39) that might help here.
  • Unfortunately not. It still got stuck around 13k items. I now logged out and back in but this made it worse, now it finishes sync without syncing any time in my main librarly, it seems. The Trash and the two smaller group libraries sync fine.
  • On my other device (where previously everything synced) can also no longer open my library. The software loads and shows the folders with number of entries on the left, but the right hand column remains empty and the app freezes.
  • I managed to change to a folder with fewer items and there I can see something. So it’s probably an issue unrelated to sync but simply due to efficiency. But on a 2.4Ghz Octa-core I would not expect such problems, and indeed even on my older iPads I have no issues.
  • Ah, and even then, some of the pdf attachments don’t like to be downloaded
  • In the latest beta (44), we've made further speed and stability improvements when syncing and displaying large libraries.
  • Thanks! Yes, this has drastically improved performance. Downloading PDFs is still hit-and-miss, it seems to get stuck often? [I download specific files on demand].
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    Great. Can you open a separate thread for the PDF issue and provide a Debug ID for an attachment download getting stuck?
  • Thanks, done.
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