[Z7 Beta] Cannot highlight while another highlight is still active

Hi all,
I've noticed some mildly inconvenient behavior of the latest beta (7.0.0-beta.39+ecba25be0).

After selecting an annotation, right clicking and changing the color, it is not possible to immediately highlight a sentence by clicking and dragging the mouse. Instead you have to click once first (inside the document, clicking in the grey margins of the document view does not work anymore) to deselect the annotation. Afterwards you can continue highlighting text.
  • We're aware about the issue and it'll be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting.
  • Perfect, thank you!
  • I guess that is probably a related problem, but I've noticed that after changing an annotation's colour it often takes me three or four attempts to be able to drag it somewhere.
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    One has to click twice (inside the document) to deselect the annotation after changing the color via right-click. Failure to do so can lead to some accidental data loss:

    1. Highlight some text and add a comment to the annotation.
    2. Right-click and change the color of the highlight.
    3. Click once outside the highlight in an attempt to deselect it.
    4. Hit the delete key and notice that the annotation has been deleted.
  • This is somewhat fixed in 7.0.0-beta.52+2f8e536f2, in the sense that one only has to click once to deselect the highlight. However,

    1. One still has to click inside the PDF. Clicking in the margin has no effect.
    2. Is there a reason why one has to click anywhere? Since the right-click menu disappears after changing the color, what other action is being supported by leaving the highlight selected?
  • @warwickmm We may consider to deselect annotation after changing the color (mainly because for image annotation the new color isn't visible until it's deselected).

    But could you explain once more why keeping the annotation selected poses a problem for you?
  • Thanks martynas_b. It's not a huge problem. I think I am just trying to protect against accidentally hitting delete and unknowingly losing the annotation. But I recognize that might not be a big concern in the grand scheme of things.
  • After using the beta a bit more, I've found two arguments against keeping the annotions selected. As warwickmm noted, accidentally deleting annotations is a risk - I've done so on a few occasions when I thought the focus was still in the search bar and pressed delete. I've also noticed that after scrolling through a pdf (e.g. for looking at the endnotes) it's not possible to quickly go back to the most recent annotation because it is already selected and can not be selected (and thus navigated to) again.
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