[solved] Add old attachment backup to Zotero Storage

edited November 27, 2023
I didn't use Zotero regularly for a few years and now I want to restore the attachments I had stored in a zotero database. I purchased Zotero Storage, because it seems the use of my OneDrive is not possible. Now, I want to add the attachments to the zotero storage. How can I do this? The attachments in my backup folder are not the pdfs but some sort of zip-folders combined with a file with a .prop ending.
Any help on how to proceed is very appreciated. Thank you!
  • It sounds like you have a backup of the 'zotero' folder from a WebDAV server. That's not an actual backup, and the only way to use that would be to put that on a WebDAV server and temporarily set up syncing with that to download all files.
  • Thank you @dstillman,
    That helped a lot.
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