I can't annotate and sync my PDF files on web Zotero and Android Phone

Hi there, I'm new to Zotero. I downloaded the desktop version and annotated a few of my PDF files. However, I tried using the ZotFile method and DropBox to view the files with annotations on my phone and maybe also annotate them.
When I did that, I got the files on my phone on the DropBox app without any annotations. To be honest, the process is just so complicated. I can view my files with annotations on the web Zotero, but I can't seem to annotate on my devices on the web version. What can I do to annotate and have the annotations synced all across the devices?
  • Currently on Android -- nothing really using Zotero annotations. I'd just wait for the Android app.
    If you really do want to use Dropbox/ZotFile, you'll want to use an external reader/annotator app for PDFs in Zotero Desktop as well (set in the general tab of the preferences).
  • Use Zoo For Zotero/Xodo for proper annotations. So far, it's the only android PDF reader that allows me to highlight/annotate paper. When I close it and go back to Zoo, it detects a new version of the file and asks me if I want to upload the new version. Once you open the file in desktop Zotero, the file appears with the modifications.
  • @adamsmith
    Thank you for replying! Will there be an Android app any time soon?
  • @mrgerlo Thank you so much for giving an alternative. But how do I use the app? I tried annotating files on Zotero desktop, and when I tried to view it on the app, I just got a view of the pdf file itself with no annotations. Can you roughly explain to me what to do? I hope you can; I really appreciate it.
  • Yes I use it the same way as @emavow said. Also, as @Kawthar.Abdulwahid pointed out, it doesn't seem to be a two-way avenue. If you highlight in ZOtero desktop, it is not reflected in Xodo when the file is opened after. On the contrary, highlighting in Xodo does reflect on Zotero desktop and you can even generate notes from the highlights. HOWEVER, you cannot edit or delete those highlights. TLDR Make a choice about your workflow and stick to it. I'd say always use the tablet for reading/highlighting and then everything else in Desktop. TLDR2 wait for Zotero for Android and hope for the best
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