Some books can't be found by ISBN

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I've noticed that some international edition of books can't be found when using "Add Item(s) by Identifier" feature.

For example this book
which has the following ISBNs (copied from the inner cover of the book):

ISBN 10: 1-292-34888-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-292-34888-9
eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-292-34894-0

The US edition's ISBN is 978-0-13-489574-1 and Zotero can identifies it just fine.
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    Zotero searches several resources to identify a book by its ISBN. However some publishers register ISBNs with registrars that do not make their listings available to software such as Zotero. If the registrar doesn't have a suitable API and some other entity such as WorldCat or the US Library of Congress, etc. hasn't happened to include the record; Zotero will not be able to capture the metadata associated with the book.

    Enter ISBN into the forum search field (above) to find additional discussions on this problem.
  • Generally speaking, ISBNs for international editions of text books will rarely work. They're poorly captured in library catalogs (Zotero doesn't actually rely on publisher-provided metadata for ISBNs at all).
  • I'm also having a surprising number of fails.
    It isn't throwing an error, but I feel like I haven't gotten something to work for a few weeks now,

    >> and today, it is something from 2017 , so I feel like that is a good example.
    Are we just using databases that are going stale and need to find some new apis?

    So here is the specific 2017 example.
    "Design Thinking for the Greater Good"
    ebook ISBN: 9780231545853

    << zotero == "not found"
    >> WorldCat == no problem ,
  • Yeah, that URL should work (and does for me), so that's a more specific issue.
    Could we get a debug ID for trying to add that ID

    That said, we've seen some pretty gnarly ways OpenWorldcat keeps locking people out, so it's becoming a less reliable fallback option for books not listed in any of the other catalogs we look at.
  • (Which will affect ebooks more often than other books; the print book ISBN is in the Library of Congress, so that imports fine)
  • I tried to run it again after turning on logging . . . haven't done it in a while so hopefully the correct process. :)

    Report ID : 726529424
  • No, debug output as linked, not error report ID
  • Ah -- how about this (or I can just paste in the text)

  • I recently installed the Zotero app on my iphone as I would like using the ISBN bar code scanning feature to add items. It worked very well with books in English, but I noticed that searches fail concerning books printed outside the USA. For example this one: ISBN 9788829700783 (book in Italian) and this one:ISBN 9781504800808 (in English, but published in UK)
    So I searched both on WorldCat and Google Books using their ISBN, and found the right books. Then I tried adding the same books using the "Add Item by Identifier" on the desktop Zotero version and it worked fine. I suspect the iphone Zotero app uses only the Library of Congress database while the desktop one uses also WorldCat. If so, why?
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