Zotero PDF interfece jump to items interface

When I I add new items from one PDF references, zotero has a jump towards items collection interface but not wait still onto the initial opened PDF interface.
  • how to make it hold constant on the opened PDF interface regardless new items added in or not
  • I'm not sure what you mean here.
    When I I add new items from one PDF references
    Add how? Are you referring to some plugin? This doesn't sound like a feature in Zotero.

    For problems with a plugin, you'll need to contact the plugin developer.
  • I know the text description is hard to express my point, not so directly as picture showned. However, the Zotero Forum is not support screenshot. And when I see the name dstillman, it delight my day. Maybe what I want is to see your name, besides the problem solving.
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