Feature request: Multiple window instances

Hi there,

Tabs are an incredible addition to Zotero but I would really like to be able to drag tabs and open multiple Zotero windows, so I can maintain different groupings in different windows to aid navigating.

Thank you. Keep up the great work!
  • Note that you can open PDFs in separate windows by Shift-double-clicking on an item in the items list, or by right-clicking on a PDF tab and choosing to open the PDF in a separate window.

    It's not currently possible to have multiple library windows open or to group PDFs into tabs in separate windows, but you're not the first to ask for that.
  • Just to add on that grouping PDFs into tabs in separate Windows would also be very nice!
  • Another friendly bump for this feature request, specifically multiple library windows, each with its own set of PDF tabs. This would be huge for working on multiple projects at once.
  • Yes to this! Multiple windows of the same library, akin to the multiple windows one can open in the Mac Finder. This would be a superb addition to Zotero.

    Some wish list items for that:

    - Show the folder path of each window if appropriate, within the window (again, like in Mac Finder). E.g. at bottom or top of a window, show its folder-subfolder path in a form like EPISTEMOLOGY:Justification:Coherentism. If the window shows a search, perhaps a summary of t

    - Allow hiding of the left Library list sidebar (like hiding the sidebar in Mac FInder).

    - Allow each window to perform its own search.

    - Allow multiple Advanced Search windows.

    This would allow having multiple views into ones library simultaneously, in different windows. Since a research project might include items from different topics (thus different folders or searches), one could then have each such topic's references in a different window. This would do away with the need to repeatedly switch between folders or re-do searches.

    Thank you for consideration of these ideas.
  • +1. Would greatly appreciate these additions.
  • +1 It will be very useful to have these features. For first step, just being able to open same/different files in multiple split windows would be a great feature to have.
  • I just wanted to add my vote for this feature, this woudl be great to have.
  • +1 for this feature. I just had to close an embarrassing amount of tabs from other projects, it would be great to have the ability to work with multiple windows at once.
  • +1 for this feature. Have to manage a large project involving moving and filtering a lot of subcollections - would have been much easier with 2 library windows/panes.
  • +1 for this feature. It would be great on Mac !
  • I would love to have this, as well. Meanwhile, though, there are various workarounds. You can double-click on note items to open them in multiple freestanding windows and spread them around on your desktop. You can open multiple copies of your Zotero library by using your Web Library in a browser. This allows you to view multiple things simultaneously, though there are actions you might only be able to take on your desktop version. Dan mentioned how to work in multiple PDFs simultaneously.
  • +1, keep needing this feature! Would be very useful!
  • +1, as itsbharti said, it would be immensely helpful to be able to have the same article opened on 2 different windows so you can both look at a figure and the main text where the figure is explained.
  • @fundor7 There is already that option through View > Split Horizontally/Vertically
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