Feature request: Multiple window instances

Hi there,

Tabs are an incredible addition to Zotero but I would really like to be able to drag tabs and open multiple Zotero windows, so I can maintain different groupings in different windows to aid navigating.

Thank you. Keep up the great work!
  • Note that you can open PDFs in separate windows by Shift-double-clicking on an item in the items list, or by right-clicking on a PDF tab and choosing to open the PDF in a separate window.

    It's not currently possible to have multiple library windows open or to group PDFs into tabs in separate windows, but you're not the first to ask for that.
  • Just to add on that grouping PDFs into tabs in separate Windows would also be very nice!
  • Another friendly bump for this feature request, specifically multiple library windows, each with its own set of PDF tabs. This would be huge for working on multiple projects at once.
  • Yes to this! Multiple windows of the same library, akin to the multiple windows one can open in the Mac Finder. This would be a superb addition to Zotero.

    Some wish list items for that:

    - Show the folder path of each window if appropriate, within the window (again, like in Mac Finder). E.g. at bottom or top of a window, show its folder-subfolder path in a form like EPISTEMOLOGY:Justification:Coherentism. If the window shows a search, perhaps a summary of t

    - Allow hiding of the left Library list sidebar (like hiding the sidebar in Mac FInder).

    - Allow each window to perform its own search.

    - Allow multiple Advanced Search windows.

    This would allow having multiple views into ones library simultaneously, in different windows. Since a research project might include items from different topics (thus different folders or searches), one could then have each such topic's references in a different window. This would do away with the need to repeatedly switch between folders or re-do searches.

    Thank you for consideration of these ideas.
  • +1. Would greatly appreciate these additions.
  • +1 It will be very useful to have these features. For first step, just being able to open same/different files in multiple split windows would be a great feature to have.
  • I just wanted to add my vote for this feature, this woudl be great to have.
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