Multiple PDF attachments to single reference

I have many journal references in my Zotero data that have the multiple copies of the SAME PDF files attached to it.
I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to delete all the extra PDF attachments for each reference without doing this for each individual reference

  • Sorry, there currently isn't a way to do that automatically. You can type '+' in the main library view to show all attachments, then at least be able to quickly go through the list selecting the duplicates and deleting.

    (This usually happens when merging duplicate items. When merging duplicates, you can expand attachments view with '+' and deleting the extra PDFs before merging. Some automation of this process for files that Zotero can detect are identical is generally planned, but no ETA.)
  • hi - any update on this feature? would be a huge help
  • I have the same issue! By chance has any new functionality been added to automate this painstaking process?
  • nothing new, no
  • I also have the same issue, plus I noticed something has gone horribly wrong by drag and drop sometimes so that under a parent items are now a bunch of random pdfs, collected together.
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