Opening URL rather than PDF - shortcut?

Hi there.

Forgive me if this info is available somewhere already - I have searched, but can't find it, and I'm still fairly new to zotero.

When an item in zotero is highlighted and I hit the enter/return key, it opens the PDF if there is one, or the URL if there isn't, which is great automatic behavour. However, sometimes I want to open the URL even though there is a PDF, for various reasons. I have tried shift-enter, ctrl-enter, etc, but all of those options open the PDF.

Is there a shortcut somewhere to open the URL instead? Or an option to configure one? At the moment I'm having to move to the info pane, copy the URL and paste into my browser by had, which is a bit of a faff...

If this doesn't exist, is there some way to request this feature?

Many thanks!
  • No need to copy and paste the URL. If you click on the URL or the DOI in the info tab, that should take you straight to the webpage. Don't click on the editable field - that's for editing the URL/DOI. Click on the "URL" or "DOI" label to the left of the field.
  • Ah, right, well that's certainly an improvement thank you!

    It would still be nice to have a keyboard shortcut if possible, though....?
  • A shortcut for "View online" could be added to the Zutilo add-on. There's a related open issue on GitHub.

    It would be great if the Zotero developers could have a look at this pull request, which would make it easier to create a Zutilo shortcut for "View online".

    @emmajking: As a workaround, you could use Zutilo's keyboard shortcut "Show Locate menu" for Zotero's Locate menu. (You could then use the arrow and enter keys to select "View online".) There's also the Menu key, which should work in Zotero 5.0.96. (It's currently broken in the Zotero's beta version.)
  • Well, I've just learned that shift-f10 opens menus for me, so that's a very useful thing to know, thank you!
  • Hey! Is there any update on this? A shortcut to view online?
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