May you let Zoteron give every reference a number and let it be the default citation key.

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    RTF Scan is linked above. ODF Scan refers to (edit: actually, both are linked above already)
  • So, if I use RDF Scan, I need to save the file as *.rdf. If I use ODF Scan, I need to save the file as *.odf. Am I right?
  • .rtf and .odt
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    I wasn't involved in the development of either, but if I'd have to guess, the "not reliably unique author-date combinations" was simpler to build, and RTF is a simpler format than ODF to manipulate. Then later Frank and Sebastian sat down to make it more robust, and built that as a plugin. It's possible that RTF scan predates the existence/prominence of ODF.

    From the name I'd guess that the ODF scan pluigin actually does both RTF and ODF. Its markers are more verbose than the native RTF scan markers, and you need to drag and drop them into a document rather than typing them because there's no Zotero-native way to know the item keys that it uses.
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    Thanks. I learnt a lot today. When I know what's open source, I hope I can use every open source thing to replace all no-open source things.
  • From the name I'd guess that the ODF scan pluigin actually does both RTF and ODF.
    No, unfortunately -- it relies on being able to create reference marks, which are only available in ODF, so really only works with .odt files. The name was just to clarify where it integrates in the interface.

    And yes, RTF scan has existed in Zotero pretty much from the start and hasn't gotten a lot of attention from developers over time (nor many users, afaik).
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    Yesterday night, I thought about this question again. And I think the Record number in Endnote is better than the item in the Zotero. As the Record number is very simple, the users can easily read it, input them in plain text, and form a preliminary impression, such as a certain reference at a position of more than 700 and less than 800. However, the item in Zotero is long and has many letters, which is difficult for users to remember, input in the Latex file by keyboard, and form a preliminary impression of those characters.

  • I think this thread has probably reached the end of its usefulness. I explain above why record numbers are a bad idea and we've described what's currently available and what'll likely happen in the future.
  • Thanks a lot.
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